LJ 300B-6SN7 Single-ended Triode Power Amplifier m2009-02 (Inspired by AudioNote Quest)

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LJ 300B-6SN7 Single-ended Triode (SET) Power Amplifier. Glorious sound and great vocal.

  • Model: 2009-02 (published on 2009 February till now). Inspired by AudioNote Quest.
  • Power output: 2x 8 watt RMS to 4 or 8 ohm impedance.
Circuit design:

  • Pure class-A, single-ended triode (in thru out), zero global feedback.
  • Using 300B directly-heated triode (DHT) as output tube and LJ custom output transformer.
  • Using dual-stage 6SN7 as input and driver tube.
  • Vacuum tube rectification and CLC filtering PSU (power supply unit) .

Parts & components:
  • 300B TJ Full Music (globe/balloon, mesh plate, gold pin).
  • 6SN7 USA brand.
  • 5U4GB USA brand.
  • Output transformer, power transformer and PSU choke, custom by LangsungJadi.com.
  • ALPS volume potentiometer.
  • Audio-grade resistors, capacitors, and more...
  • Wood custom chassis, black piano finish, nickel chrome top plate.

    Custom made only by LangsungJadi.com. Please call for price, budget starts from Rp15 million.

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