LJ MiniMax 5687 Line PreAmp

Merek: LJ Audio, Indonesia
Kode Produk: M7-5687#10
Ketersediaan: Tersedia
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LJ "MiniMax 7-5687" is the the most popular vacuum tube line pre amp, and the best-selling item within 10 years of the LJ Audio line products. Custom made only within 1-2 week. Budget range Rp3-4 million See the article on Alex's Blog, www.audiotronika.com. Old stuff: here.

  • Model: M7-5687 #10 (June 2012).
  • Design:
    • Circuit: improvement version of "the legendary" AudioNote M7.
    • Circuit topology: classic anode follower, single-ended pure class A.
    • Feedback: zero global.
    • HV supply: tube rectifier, C-L-C filter.
    • Filament supply: AC.
  • Features/Optional:
    • Input: 1 pair RCA (optional: 2 pair RCA, select by toggle switch).
    • Output: 1 pair RCA (optional: 2 set output, 1 pair for stereo main amp, and for sub-woofer output).
    • Power switch: one shoot toggle switch (optional: 2-steps firing rotary-switch: off > on stand-by (mute) > on operate).
    • Muting: with or without output muting relay.
  • Key parts/components:
  • Chassis: LJ wood chassis (vinyl, veneer, solid wood, or black piano).
  • Construction: point to point wiring, real star ground, chassis/earth float to ground line.

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