Elekit TU-HP01 Hybrid Tube Headphone Amplifier with Raytheon 6418 tubes, BurrBrown OPA2604, JRC MUSES8820

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Elekit TU-HP01 Hybrid Tube Headphone Amplifier. Made in Japan. Preassembled. 

------ This is a portable headphone amplifier with a hybrid configuration: 2 subminiature tubes for input and OP-amp for output. Enrich your life with smooth and mellow sound anywhere!


  • Battery-operated vacuum tube Raytheon 6418 low consumption current and almost no heat generation so that there is no problem if the holes on the chassis are sealed.
  • Minimized microphonic noise.
  • Microphonic noise, often controversial in tube portable amp, is minimized by setting the vacuum tubes higher than the PCB.
  • Unlikely to usual vacuum tube amplifier, TU-HP01 starts up only in a few second after the power is turned ON.
  • Exchangeable op-amp: 2 op-amps, JRC MUSES8820 and BurrBrown OPA2604, are included as a standard. (MUSES8820 is mounted by default.) In addition, users can exchange it with many other commercially-available op-amps to enjoy the difference in sound.
  • Dual supply for op-amp... No capacitor is required to the headphone output.
  • Gain switch... Users can select either high or low according to the input level.
  • Almost no pop-noise upon power ON.


  • Vacuum tube: Raytheon 6418 x 2pcs.
  • Frequency response: 10Hz - 65kHz.
  • Headphone impedance: 16ohm - 32ohm recommended.
  • Input terminal: 3.5mm stereo mini jack.
  • Output terminal: 3.5mm stereo mini jack.
  • Power supply: AAA dry cell battery x 4pcs, or AAA Ni-MH rechargeable battery x 4pcs. (Battery life: Approx.10 hours).
  • Dimensions: W78 x H16 x D117 mm (excl. projections).
  • Weight: 125g (excl. batteries)

Ref link: Elekit TU-HP01or head-fi.org review. 

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