Jantzen RSS 10W

Jantzen RSS 10W

Non-flammable metal oxide (MOX) film power resistor, RSS series, by Jantzen Audio, Denmark. RSS is a group of small-sized metal oxide (MOX) film resistor, apply high aluminum content ceramic cores with performance for compact sizes.


  1. Electrical and mechanical stability and high reliability .
  2. Non-flameable painting solvent proof, resistant to heat and humidity.
  3. Anual shift is low
  4. Can produce higher resistance values than wire wound resistos

Technical Information

RSS: Small-sized metal oxide film resistors, using selected ceramics, perform as good as normal size

Type L  ±1  D ±0.5  H ±0.5  d ±0.05  Resistance range (Ω) Max Working Voltage Max Overload Voltage
5W 24 8,5 38 0,8 0.22-100K 500V 800V
10W 53 8,5 38 0,8 0.22-100K 800V 1500V
Derating Curve
For resistors operated in ambient temperatures above 70°C, power rating must be derated in accordance with the curve below:
Jantzen MOX Resistors Derating curve
Download datasheet here.
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