CA3078T RCA, Metal Can Vintage for Serious Collector, single op-amp, each

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CA3078T RCA, metal can vintage for serious collector, single op-amp. Old stock. Price per each (1 pc). Datasheet here.

2MHz, Micropower Operational Amplifier

The CA3078, CA3078A, and CA3078T are high gain monolithic operational amplifiers which can deliver milliamperes of current yet only consume microwatts of standby power. Theiroperating points are externally adjustable and frequency compensation may be accomplished with one external capacitor. The CA3078 and CA3078A provide the designer with the opportunity to tailor the frequency response and improve the slew rate without sacrificing power. Operation with a single 1.5V battery is a practical reality with these devices.

The CA3078A is a premium device having a supply voltage range of V± = 0.75V to V± = 15V. The CA3078 has the same lower supply voltage limit but the upper limit is V+ = +6V and V- = -6V.


  • Low Standby Power: As Low As 700nW
  • Wide Supply Voltage Range: ±0.75V to ±15V
  • High Peak Output Current: 6.5mA (Min)
  • Adjustable Quiescent Current
  • Output Short Circuit Protection


  • Portable Electronics
  • Intrusion Alarms
  • Telemetry
  • Instrumentation
  • Medical Electronics

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