LJ 1SD RCA Interconnect Cable with WBT-0102Cu, pair 1m

Merek: LJ Audio, Indonesia
Kode Produk: LJ 1SD (WBT-0102Cu)
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Price: please CALL.

Custom RCA interconnect cable by LJ Audio, Indonesia.Good vocal, natural, good tonal balance, good tonal accuracy, musical, ... Very good choice...! Compete with about Rp10 to 20 million branded cable (according to customers feedback).
    • Model: LJ 1SD (WBT-0102Cu), June 2015.
    • Set: 1m pair (customizable, please call).
    • Conductor: LJ 1SD (OCC stranded copper with LJ treatment, unshielded).
    • Connector: WBT-0102Cu (Germany), gold-plated.
    • Tubing: Cable sleeve and heatshrink.
    • Solder wire: WBT or Cardas.
    • Burn/direction: Yes, by LJ Cable Burner.

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