LJ 1S RCA Interconnect Cable (rhodium tip), pair 1m

Merek: LJ Audio, Indonesia
Kode Produk: LJ 1S (E-RCA-M01-Rho-Ho-Cp)
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Custom RCA interconnect cable by LJ Audio, Indonesia. Good vocal, natural, musical, ... Very low cost...! Compete with about Rp5 million branded cable (according to customers feedback).

  • Model: LJ 1S (E-RCA-M01-Rho-Ho-Cp). Last version June 2014 (limited commercial since 2010). 
  • Set: 1m pair (customizable, please call).
  • Conductor: LJ 1S (OCC stranded copper with LJ treatment, unshielded).
  • Connector: Vermouth E-RCA-M01-Rho-Ho-Cp, rhodium-plated tip.
  • Tubing: Cable sleeve and heatshrink.
  • Solder wire: WBT or Cardas.
  • Burn/direction: Yes, by LJ Cable Burner.
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