LJ 2x20W LM1875 Gainclone Amplifier

Merek: LJ Audio, Indonesia
Kode Produk: LM1875-HG
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2x 20W custom amplifier by LJ Audio. Good sound... especially vocal, mellow than LM3886. Custom made only, approx lead time: 1 week.

  • Model: LM1875-HG (high grade), 2018 (1st version on 2007).
  • Design & specification:
    • Based on LM1875 "gainclone" circuits (chip amp).
    • Output stage: AB-class, approx 2x 25W into 4 ohm or 2x 20W into 8 ohm.
    • Motorola Ultrafast Rectifier (MUR) diode.
    • Toroidal transformer.
    • High-grade/audio-grade parts & components.
    • Small & compact body.
  • Features (LM1875 built in):
    • Thermal protection.
    • Protection for AC and DC short circuits to ground.
    • Low distortion: 0.015%, 1 kHz, 20W.
    • Wide power bandwidth: 70 kHz.
  • Hi-grade Parts & Components (upgradeable/downgradable):
    • Original LM1875
    • Motorola Ultrafast Rectifier (MUR) diode.
    • Dale resistor (USA)
    • Original ALPS volume potentiometer
    • Capacitors: Wima Germany, Philips Netherland, Siemens Epcos (optional), Elna Silmic II Japan, original Nippon Chemi-con Japan. 
    • Toroidal transformer.
  • Chassis: special custom metal chassis + solid wood panel, and special custom solid wood volume knob (jati wood).
  • Dimension: 20x20x6.8cm (body only), 22x24.5x10.5cm (overall).
  • Weight: 3kg (net), 4kg (shipping).
  • Contents package: 1 unit amplifier + 1 unit standard power cord (power cable).

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