LJ 2x68W LM3886 Gainclone Amplifier

Merek: LJ Audio, Indonesia
Kode Produk: LM3886-HG
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This is 2x 68W custom amplifier by LJ Audio. Custom made only, approx lead time: 1 week.

  • Model: LM3886-HG (high grade), March 2015 (1st version on 2007).
  • Design & specification:
    • Based on LM3886 "gainclone" circuits (chip amp).
    • Output stage: AB-class, approx 2x 68W into 4 ohm or 2x 50W into 8 ohm.
    • Signal-to-Noise Ratio ≥ 92dB
    • Schottky barrier rectifier.
    • Dual RCA input (optional).
    • Circuittry and technical stuff here...
  • Features (built in LM3886):
    • Loudspeaker protector module with triple protection.
    • An input mute function (optional).
    • Output protection from a short to ground or to the supplies via Internal Current Limiting Circuitry.
    • Output over-voltage protection against transients from inductive loads
  • Key Parts/Components (upgradeable/downgradable):
    • Original LM3886
    • Schottky rectifier 
    • Takman REY resistor (Japan)
    • ALPS volume potentiometer
    • Capacitors: Wima (Germany), Panasonic FC, Jantzen Crosscap (Denmark), Vishay Roederstein, Marcon
    • Transformer: local "biggest version"
  • Chassis: Generic metal chassis.
  • Construction: PCB.

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