LJ Angel 26-LC Line PreAmp

Merek: LJ Audio, Indonesia
Kode Produk: LC80 #10
Ketersediaan: Tersedia
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LJ “Angel 26-LC80” is one variant of the “Angel 26 Series” premium line pre-amp made by LJ Audio, Indonesia. The voice is like an angel, LJ Angel 26 Series are proven to successfully overcome a variety of line pre-amp that are famous in the world.

Since 2004, and commercial by 2007, Angel 26 Series have satisfied the users. According to the users, after listening to Angel 26, it’s hard to move to the others.

In topology, LJ “Angel 26-LC80” applies the “choke load” (LC) output topology that enables the maximum terms of gain, tonal bandwidth, and harmonic richness… This variant is higher than the others, LJ “Angel 26-RC”, which has the “resistor load” (RC) output topology.

Using premium parts & components, top brands, combination from almost all famous countries that make premium audio grade components. However, the most important thing is LJ Audio successfully mixes it, synergizes all the surpluses. This “fit & tweak” works not only time consume, it also takes knowledge, experiences, measuring tools and adequate supporting systems. We call it “science & art works”, in which brain and heart blended.

 Availability: custom order, 2-4 weeks, depend on your request grade (please check available options).

  • Model: Angel 26-LC80 #10, published in May 2013.
  • Designs:
    • Circuit topology: choke loaded anode follower, single-ended pure class A.
    • Feedback: zero global.
    • HV supply: tube rectifier, C-L-C filter.
    • Filament supply: symmetrical current regulator, no hum.
  • Features:
    • Input: 1 pair RCA (option: 2 pair RCA).
    • Input selector (option): switched by vacuum relay, select by toggle switch (no run wiring, no sparkling).
    • Output: 1 pair RCA  (option availability: and 1 pair XLR connector).
    • Power switch: 2-steps firing rotary-switch: off >> on stand-by/heating (mute) >> on operate.
    • Muting: output muting by vacuum relay (no pop noise).
  • Key parts:
    • Tubes: 2x RCA UX226 signal tube or similar globe-shape, 1x RCA #80 or 83V rectifier tube or similar ST-shape (see available options).
    • Resistor: Allen-Bradley (USA) old-carbon composite resistor.
    • Capacitors: Mundorf Supreme Silver/Oil (Germany), Vishay-Roderstein (Germany), WestCap (USA) PIO (paper-in-oil), OTK Russian PIO, Jantzen Crosscap (Denmark). See here.
    • Electrolytic capacitors: JJ (Slovakia), Elna Black Cerafine (Japan), Nippon Chemi-con (Japan), Sanyo (Japan). See here.
    • Volume potentiometer: ALPS Blue Velvet (Japan). See here.
    • Plate choke: high inductance 200H, high current 50mA, special custom by LJ Audio (Indonesia). See here.
    • Others: LJ Audio custom power trafo and PSU choke. See here.
    • Cable/wire: USA silvered signal wire, Cardas hook-up copper litz wire.
  • Premium chassis by LJ Audio:
    • Black piano wood chassis, champagne gold top plate, antique trafo cap.
    • 25-30mm AudioNote style knob (solid, gold, gloss).
  • Construction: point to point wiring, real star-ground, chassis/earth float to ground line. 
  • Available options (related to your budget):
    • 2 pair RCA input , switched by vacuum relay, select by toggle switch (no run wiring, no sparkling).
    • #26 signal tube: UX226 RCA or CX326 Cunningham.
    • Output coupling capacitor: Mundorf Supreme Silver/Oil (Germany), or Jensen Copper Foil PIO PaperTube (Denmark).
    • Tube socket: UX4 ceramic, UX4 teflon.
    • Remote control for on/off power switch and up/down volume control.

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