LJ Angel 26-LC Line PreAmp

Merek: LJ Audio, Indonesia
Kode Produk: LC80 #1507
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"LJ Angel 26", the premium custom pre-amplifier from LJ Audio. Custom order only, about 4 weeks. Budget start from Rp16.5 million (please contact us before place the order).

  • Model: Angel 26-LC80 #1507, published in July 2015 (since 2007).
  • Designs approach:
    • Choke loaded (LC) topology.
    • Single-ended pure class A.
    • Zero global feedback.
    • Premium HV supply with tube rectifier, choke and MKP capacitor.
    • Current regulator supply (no hum).
  • General specification and features:
    • Input: 1 pair RCA (option: 2 pair RCA switched by sealed relay, select by toggle switch --no run wiring, no sparkling).
    • Output: 1 pair RCA.
    • Power switch: push switch built-in lamp indicator.
    • Muting: output muting by sealed relay (no pop noise).
  • Key parts (subject to downgrade/upgrade):
  • Premium chassis:
    • Fully aluminium body (non-magnetic), 3mm thickness.
    • Fully hairline anodizing body.
    • Antique transformer cap (end-bells).
    • 30mm AudioNote style knob (solid aluminum, matt hairline anodizing).
  • Construction: point to point wiring, real star-ground, chassis/earth float to ground line.
  • Net weight: 12kg, shipping weight 16kg (included wooden crates).

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