LJ EL34 Single-ended Stereo Amplifier, 2x8W

Merek: LJ Audio, Indonesia
Kode Produk: EL34SE-6SN7 #4
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Successor of the "blind test winner" 2007. Custom made only, approx. 3-4 weeks. Budget start from IDR 12.5 million, please call

  • Product name: LJ EL34 Single-ended Stereo Integrated Amplifier.
  • Model: EL34SE-6SN7 #4, published in April 2009, gone commercial since May 2007.
  • Power output per channel: 6 watt RMS (triode mode), 8-11 watt RMS (ultra-linear mode).
  • Design approach:
    • Circuit designer and composer by Alex.
    • 6SN7 tube as input-stage.
    • EL34 tube as output stage, triode connected switchable to ultralinear, auto-biased.
    • 5AR4 tube as HV recitifier, C-L-C filter.
    • Pure A-class single-ended (all-stage, in through out).
    • Zero global feedback.
    • Filament supply: AC.
    • Using premium parts and precise construction.
  • Features:
    • Dual output impedance: 4 and 8 ohm.
    • Dual operation mode: triode (6W) switchable to ultra-linear (8-11W).
  • Key parts (subject to upgrade/downgrade, please call):
    • Input tube: 2x 6SN7 fam.
    • Power tube: 2x EL34 fam.
    • Diode rectifier tube: 5AR4 fam.
    • Resistor: Allen-Bradley (USA), Vishay Dale (USA), Riken (Japan).
    • Capacitors: WestCap USA or Sprague Vitamin-Q USA or OTK Russian military paper in-oil (PIO) , or Auricap USA (MKP), or Mundorf Supreme Silver/Oil (Germany).
    • Electrolytic capacitors (and/or): Matsushita-Panasonic (Japan), Nippon Chemi-con (Japan), RS (Singapore), Elna (Japan), JB (ROC), JJ (Slovak Republic).
    • Volume potentiometer: ALPS (Japan).
    • RCA chassis connector: CMC style-1.
    • Trafo and choke: custom made by LJ Audio. See here.
  • Chassis by LJ Audio:
    • Wood chassis, black piano.
    • Nickel chrome top plate.
    • Antique knob.
  • Internal construction: point to point wiring, real star-ground, chassis/earth float to ground line.

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