LJ "Red Ferrari" 6SN7 ACF Line Buffer

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Premium item. Price CALL.

No gain, no pain... LJ "Red Ferrari" 6SN7 ACF Line Buffer is the "real line buffer with vacuum tube technology". Not the voltage gain (0dB), but current gain. Give you tube sonic, analog audio, and improve the sound-stage and vocal.

For those of you who have not entered into the world of audio tubes, this is one entrance. Likewise for those who want to improve the sound of the CD player so not impressed "digital" or "analitic". Or it could be to refine the sound of your preamplifier when it sound harsh.

Availability: custom order, 2 weeks, depend on your request grade (please check available options).

4 way connection opportunities

  • In the integrated amplifier, "the buffer" can be connected between:
    • the pre-out and main-in of integrated amplifier, or
    • connect the input to the "rec / tape out" and output to "tape in" from the integrated amplifier.
  • In split amplifier (preamplifier and power amplifier separately), "the buffer" may be connected:
    • "in front", ie after the input preamplifier output CD player, or
    • "behind", ie the output of the preamplifier to the input of the power amplifier.


  • Model: LJ "Red Ferrari" 6SN7 ACF #4, published in September 2009, last revision in October 2012. Note: The pictures are LJ "Red Ferrari" 6SN7 ACF #1, published in September 2009.
  • Designs:
    • Adopt ACF topology by Prof John Robert Broskie.
    • Single-ended pure class A.
    • Power-supply-noise-canceling circuit!
    • Feedback: zero global.
    • HV DC supply: tube rectifier with C-L-C filter.
    • Filament supply: AC but no hum.
  • Connectivity:
    • Input: 1 pair RCA.
    • Output: 1 pair RCA.
  • Key parts:
    • Tubes: 2x 6SN7 signal tube or similar (VT231, 5692, CV1988), 1x #80 tube rectifier (coke bottle).
    • Resistor: Shinkoh (Japan) tantalum, Riken RMG Series (Japan) precision carbon film, Vishay Dale (USA) metal film, Takman  (Japan) precision carbon film.
    • Capacitors: AuriCap-XO (USA) MKP, WestCap (USA) PIO, Mundorf Supreme Silver/Oil (Germany) or AudioNote (UK) PIO, Wima MKP (Germany), Solen MKP-FC (France-Canada), OTK Russian PIO, Rifa (Swedish) or JJ (Slovak Republic).
    • RCA connector: Vermouth.
    • Others: LJ Audio custom power trafo and PSU choke. See here.
  • Chassis: piano finish wood chassis by LJ Audio.
  • Construction: point to point wiring, real star-ground, chassis/earth float to ground line.
  • Available options (related to your budget):


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