LJ 2x100W Class-AB JFET-MOSFET Push-pull Amplifier (inspired by Goldmund Mimesis 3)

Merek: LJ Audio, Indonesia
Kode Produk: GMM3 Ver #4
Ketersediaan: Tersedia
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Adapted  from the legendary: Goldmund Mimesis 3 Amplifier circuit, one of the best amplifier ever made. According to Audiogon, not much more to say about Goldmund Mimesis 3 Amplifier other than it's the best of solid state amplifier. What makes it such a legend is its combination of speed, resolution and drive, yet all within the context of a warm, non-fatiguing musicality. It's totally non-cerebral.

This is 2x 100W JFET-MOSFET push-pull custom amplifier by LJ Audio. Custom made only, approx lead time: 2 weeks.

  • Model: GMM3 ver #4, January 2014 (1st version on 2007).
  • Design:
    • Input stage: A-class J-FET LTP (long-tailed pair).
    • VAS (voltage amplifier stage): A-class LTP.
    • Driver stage: A-class.
    • Output stage: AB-class power MOSFET, approx 2x 5W class-A, 2x 150W class-B.
    • Built quality design: genric metal chassis.
    • Circuittry and technical stuff here.
  • Features:
    • Loudspeaker protector module with triple protection.
  • Key Parts/Components:
  • Chassis: Generic metal chassis.
  • Construction: PCB.

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